2013 Future Fund Donors

Leadership Circle

Ilana Braun MD
Michelle Fingeret PhD
Matthew Loscalzo MSW

President's Circle

Stewart Fleishman MD
Elizabeth Harvey PhD
Jimmie Holland MD
Paul Jacobsen PhD
Victoria Kennedy LCSW
Carolyn Messner
Joel D. Marcus PsyD
Rebecca Tamas MD
Alan Valentine MD
James Zabora ScD, MSW
anonymous donor

Visionary Donors

Wayne Bardwell PhD, FAPOS
Teresa Deshields
Kristine Donovan
Karen Fasciano PsyD and Nina Muriel MD, MPH
Peter Houts
Rith McCorkle
Janice Pazar PhD, RN
Isabel Schuermeyer MD
Deane Wolcott MD, FAPOS

Patron Donors

Terry Badger PhD, RN
Alan and Susan Cororve
Joseph Greer PhD
Stephanie Koraleski
Laurel Northouse PhD, RN
Donald Rosenstein
Doug Ulman

Partner Donors

Elizabeth Baine
Peter Brown and Victoria Sardi-Brown
Janice Cain
Elizabeth Bates Freed PsyD
Kathleen Clifford, RN, MSN
Donna B Greenberg, MD, FAPOS
Julie Kuebler
Ellen Levine PhD, MPH
Eileen Saffran MSW
Lori Wiener PhD
Brad Zebrack PhD, MSW, MPH
Amy Zhang PhD

Friend Donors

Wendy G. Goldberg, MSN, APRN, CS
Mary Hughes
Mildred O. Kowalski, PhD, RN, BSN, MPA
Cynthia W  Moore, PhD
Krista Nelson
Lora M A Thompson, PhD

Supporter Donors

Carol Alter
Mary Helen Davis, MD
Beth Gardini Dixon, PsyD
Roger Granet MD
Jennifer L. Michels, PhD
Dennis Pezzato PhD
Ann K. Sandgren, PhD
Amii Corbisiero Steele, PhD

Advocate Donors

Heather Christiansen, PsyD
Toral Fadio, MD
Rebecca Reichert MSN

Giving Levels & Recognition

We want to honor the friends that help APOS get to the next level. Below are our giving circles and the recognition for each:

  • ADVOCATE: up to $25

  • SUPPORTER: $25-$50

  • FRIEND: $50-$99

  • PARTNER: $100-$249

  • PATRON: $250-$499

  • VISIONARY: $500-$999

  • PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE:  $1,000 - $2,499
    Support at this level or above and receive an invitation to President’s cocktail reception at APOS' annual conference

  • LEADERSHIP CIRCLE:  $2,500 - $4,999

  • LEGACY CIRCLE:  $5,000+