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Poster Awards

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People's Choice - Poster Session 1


Beyond the Numbers: Qualitative Analysis of an ACT Intervention for Fear of Cancer Recurrence (The WiLLoW Study)

Stefana Borovska*, Dianne M. Shumay, Donna Tran, Molly Berman, Jennifer Gregg, Michelle Melisko, Laura B. Dunn


Development of a Multimedia Psychoeducational Intervention to Increase Uptake of BRCA Genetic Counseling among High Risk Breast Cancer Survivors

Susan T. Vadaparampil, Kelli Nam*, Teri Malo, Meghan Sherman Caldwell, Courtney L. Scherr, Rachael Linder, Hyo S. Han, Jongphil Kim, Cathy D. Meade, M. Catherine Lee, Tuya Pal, Christian Ledford, Rebecca Rhodes, Gwendolyn Quinn


Roles, Responsibilities, And Coping Styles: Investigating Differences In Mothers And Fathers Of Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors

Wade Iwata*, Stacia Wagner


Group Psychotherapy For Patients With Advanced Or Recurrent Cancer: Preliminary Study On Their Participative Condition

Mayumi Ishida*, Hiroaki Toyama, Satoshi Kawada, Hideki Onishi

People's Choice - Poster Session 2


High vs. Low Psychosocial Quality of Life Scores in HCT Survivors

Lina Mayorga*, Liz Cooke, Jonathan Espenshied, Marcia Grant

Best Case Poster


Bringing Baby On Board: Using ACT to Treat Anxiety in a Cancer Survivor

Amanda Kracen

Best Program Poster - Session 1


Physicians’ support of skin self-examination before and after a diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer

Zofia Czajkowska*, Cybelle Abate, Aurelie Fregeau, Rosalind Garland, Annett Körner

Best Program Poster - Session 2


Pulmonary nodule and lung screening: An opportunity for smoking cessation intervention

Justin Eusebio*, Kelly Hyland, Inga Lennes, Pallavi Kumar, Jennifer Temel, William Pirl, Elyse Park

Best Research - Session 1


Cumulative Life Stress is Associated with Depressive Symptoms in Oncology Outpatients Undergoing Chemotherapy

Dale Langford, Laura Dunn*, Anand Dhruva, Steven Paul, Brad Aouizerat, Christine Miaskowski

Best Research  - Session 1


Effects of Depressive Symptoms and Distress on Psychosocial and Physical Factors in Pre-Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

Michele Tsai*, Meagan Dwyer, Jessica Hamilton

Best Research  - Session 2


Readiness to Implement Continuum of Care Standards by Commission on Cancer Accredited Programs

Christopher Gayer*, Haley Gardiner, Nina Miller, Stephanie Van Winkle, Nina Wendling, Sarah Arvey, Vicki Kennedy, Ruth Rechis

Best Research - Session 2


Implementing a Programmatic Approach for Responding to Screening for Distress

Margaret Fitch*, Jeff Myers, Stephanie Burlein-Hall