Volunteer Opportunities

We rely on volunteers to help ensure the Annual Conference runs smoothly. In exchange for work hours, volunteers are eligible for a refund of a portion of their registration fees.

Complete the volunteer application by choosing your volunteer position preferences and the dates and times you will be available. Return it to Mark Lazenby, APOS Board member coordinating volunteering at the conference, by 1 February 2013.

APOS will send you your volunteer assignment and a Volunteer Agreement, on which you will agree to fulfill the responsibilities of volunteering. Volunteers will also receive a Volunteer badge ribbon and, during the Opening Reception, you will receive special mention. APOS needs you.

Please read below for details on the volunteer policy.

  • Volunteer positions are limited and scheduled in the order they are received. Priority will be given first to students and trainees and then to members of APOS.
  • Volunteers are eligible for a reduction on their registration fees as follows:
    • Students/trainees: $100 refund for 4 work hours and a full conference refund for 8 work hours.
    • Professionals: $100 refund for 4 work hours and $200 refund for 8 work hours.
    • Please note: Refunds will be processed within 4 weeks of the conclusion of the conference.
  • Volunteers must be available throughout the day during which they are scheduled. APOS Staff will do their best to accommodate requests for specific work hours.
  • Volunteers working 8 hours will be scheduled to work over the course of at least two days.
  • Volunteers must work a minimum of 2 hours at the Registration Desk and arrive early for their shift for an orientation/instruction session.
  • One-day conference volunteers will be scheduled to work during the day they wish to attend.

The following volunteer positions are available at the 10th Annual Conference:


Volunteering at the Registration Desk includes greeting attendees, providing them with their badges and tickets and directing people to rooms. (Please note that all volunteers are required to work a minimum of 2 hours at the Registration Desk and will need to arrive early for their shift for an orientation/instruction session.)
You will not be alone! The Registration Desk always has an APOS staff person available for tasks that volunteers are not expected to do, such as registering attendees on-site and answering questions about registration or membership. The benefits are that you will meet all kinds of APOS members from all around the country and the world.  This is also a great way to get to know APOS staff and members of the Board of Directors. 


Volunteering as a Session/Workshop Assistant includes helping the Session Chair/Moderator keep the session on time and watching out for any technical problems, assisting presenters and alerting staff as needed.
To do this, volunteers are asked to meet the Chair/Moderator in the session room 15 minutes before the session starts.  We also ask you to look out for people who wander in to a session without wearing a name badge. You will get to meet top-notch researchers and clinicians in psychosocial oncology.


Volunteering in the Exhibit Hall/Poster Session includes greeting attendees as they enter the Exhibit Hall/Poster Session, directing people to where they want to go, assisting the poster presenters with putting up and taking down their posters and helping Exhibitors set up and tear down. 
We will place volunteers at the entrance and within the Exhibit Hall and poster area during the attended poster sessions.  Everyone goes to the Exhibit Hall at one time or another.  Greeting people is a good way to get to know APOS members.  Employers and publishers, among others, are usually among our exhibitors.


Volunteers will welcome attendees, collect event tickets and assist the event Chair/Moderator with various tasks. 
Volunteers are asked to meet the Chair/Moderator in the session room 15 minutes before the session starts.