Poster Awards

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People's Choice Awards

Session 1

P1-69 A Description of Patients’ Emotional Distress and Associated Problems Before and After Transplant
Mary Crooks1, Stuart Seropian2, Ruth McCorkle3
1Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven, USA, 2Yale University, School of Medicine, USA, 3Yale University, School of Nursing, USA

Session 2

P2-37 Experience of Fear of Cancer Recurrence among Early-Stage Breast Cancer Survivors
Molly Berman1,2, Dianne Shumay1, Krystyna Grycz1, Francesca Delgaudio1, Laura Dunn1
1University of California - San Francisco, USA, 2The Wright Institute, USA

Poster Session 1

Best Reseach

P1-82 Trajectories of Distress and Psychosocial Support Service Use Among Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients
Brad Zebrack1, Rebecca Block2, Christine Aguilar3, Kathleen Meeske4, Steve Cole5, Brandon Hayes-Lattin2, Virginia Corbett6, Leanne Embry3
1University of Michigan School of Social Work, USA, 2Oregon Health Sciences University, USA, 3University of Texas Health Sciences Center, USA, 4USC Childrens Hospital, USA, 5HopeLab Foundation, USA, 6Michigan State University, USA

Best Program Tie

P1-65 Presurgical Education and Support for Breast Cancer Patients: A Multidisciplinary Model
Kauser Ahmed, PhD, Anne Coscarelli, PhD, Belinda Sangrat, MA, Maria Etchepare, NP1, and Michelle Dewing, MD2
1Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology, 2Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCLA

P1-45 A Mentoring Program for Parents Bereaved by Cancer
Wendy Lichtenthal, Margery Davis, Nina Pickett
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA

Best Overall Tie

P1-50 Randomized Trial of a Pre-Surgical, Scheduled Reduced Smoking Intervention for Patients Newly Diagnosed with Cancer
Jamie Ostroff1, Jack Burkhalter1, Paul Cinciripini2, Yuelin Li1, Mariya Shiyko1,3, Cho Lam2, Jennifer Hay1, Lara Dhingra1,4, Jennifer Lord-Bessen1, Susan Holland1, Ruth Manna1
1Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA, 2MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA, 3Northeastern University, USA, 4Beth Israel Medical Center, USA

P1-62 Psychological Skills Training for Managing Difficult Patient Encounters: Results of a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial for Oncology Nurses
Lara Traeger, Justin Eusebio, Elyse Park, Jennifer Repper-Delisi, Michelle Jacobo, Mary Susan Convery, William Pirl
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, USA

Poster Session 2

Best Research (also nominated for Best Overall)

P2-40 Long-Term Rectal Cancer Survivors with Anastomosis and Ostomy Report Similar Life Challenges
Carmit McMullen1, Andrea Altschuler2, Christopher Wendel3, Marcia Grant4, Mark Hornbrook1, Joanna Bulkley1, Larissa Temple5, Lisa Herrinton2, Robert Krouse3,6
1The Center for Health Research, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, USA, 2Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, USA, 3Southern Arizona VA Health Care System, USA, 4City of Hope National Medical Center, USA, 5Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center, USA, 6Univeristy of Arizona College of Medicine, USA

Best Overall Tie

P2-29 (also nominated for Best Program)
Getting Connected: A Resource for African-American Breast Cancer Survivors
Catherine Creme Henry1, Arin Ahlum Hanson1, Patricia K. Bradley2, Janine Guglielmino1
1Living Beyond Breast Cancer, USA, 2Villanova University College of Nursing, USA

P2-39 Effects of Cancer Surgery on Social and Economic Participation among Rectal Cancer Survivors with Ostomies and Anastomoses
Mark Hornbrook1, Marcia Grant4, Christopher Wendel5, Joanna Bulkley1, Carmit McMullen1, Andrea Altschuler3, Larissa Temple6, Lisa Herrinton3, Robert Krouse2,5
1Kaiser Permanente Northwest, USA, 2University of Arizona, USA, 3Kaiser Permanente Northern California, USA, 4City of Hope National Medical Center, USA, 5 Southern Arizona VA Health Care System, USA, 6Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center, USA

Best Program Tie

P2-4 Helping Providers to Help Adolescents and Young Adults be Involved in End-of-Life Care: The Conversation No One Wants to Have
Sima Zadeh1, Lori Wiener1, Maryland Pao2
1National Cancer Institute, USA, 2National Institute of Mental Health, USA

P2-14 Psychosocial Distress Screening in a Community Cancer Center: A Descriptive Study of Distress Over the Course of Treatment
Christine DeVore2,1, Jana Bolduan Lomax1, Mark Aoyagi2, Marybeth Lehto2
1Exempla Health System, USA, 2University of Denver, USA