APOS Goes Green!

APOS is committed to hosting an eco-friendly conference.  Following are some of the initiatives that we and our conference venue are taking to go green.

  • Using bio-poly, biodegradable badge holders.
  • Providing bamboo fiber and recycled plastic lanyards.
  • Reducing paper use by printing smaller, half-size program books using recycled paper and encouraging use of the e-Program.
  • Reducing the amount of paper used during the registration process by encouraging online registration.
  • Confirming registrations electronically, instead of sending paper through the mail.
  • Recycling plastic badge holders. 
  • Reducing or eliminating paper handouts by providing materials for attendees on the APOS conference website and e-Program.
  • Using mugs instead of disposable coffee cups.
  • Recycling all glass, aluminum, plastic and cardboard used at the conference and at APOS Headquarters
  • Recycling all administrative paper used at the conference and at APOS Headquarters.